Jenni Sweet


Jen was the bookkeeper for Music Depot for over 10 years and bought the store in 2019.  Owning a music store has always been a dream.

Instruments I play: "I’ve been playing piano for almost 40 years, (don’t do the math), and I started learning the clarinet about 6 months ago.”

Her goals for the store:


  1. Remodel, Reorganize, and Modernize!  Keep checking in – we are working hard to update our store, we have completed the new Band & Orchestra sales/repair shop and are finished with our guitar/drum/everything else section!

  2. Website – it’s been a work in progress for years, and we’re making it a main priority to bring the shop into the modern age.

  3. Inventory – we have brought in new brands and products, expanded some areas, and tried to breathe new life into our stock to ensure that we have everything you need.  We’re always reaching out to the community to ask what brands our customers would like to see us carry, so e-mail us at  [email protected] with your suggestions!

“As always, our customers are my number one priority.  If you need anything at all please contact me at   [email protected]


Tyler Smith

General/Marketing Manager

Tyler has lead Music Depot as its manager since 2020, and has been integral in the modernization of our shop. He believes that management works for its employees, not the other way around, and has used this philosophy to build a talented and trustworthy team. Being a bit of a gear nerd, he has a passion for the tools as much as the trade itself, and tries to stay up on what is hot and new in the musical instrument world. He's played guitar for 15 years, and has a strong penchant for effects pedals
"I try to make Music Depot to be the instrument shop I always wanted to go to as a kid; friendly, welcoming, and organized, with a ton of different toys and things to choose from."



Kyra Hurlock

Lead Band Repair Technician 

Having grown up in Denver, Kyra was thrilled to find work so close to home after graduating from the band repair program at MSC Southeast Tech. She has been repairing primarily wind instruments for musicians and teachers in Northern Colorado since she joined the Music Depot family in September 2013. Don’t let fun hair and bad jokes fool you, when your horn is on her bench it’s all business! She is Napbirt certified.

Instruments I play:

"I primarily play the Saxophone and Piano, but I'm proficient enough in any wind instrument to know when it's broken!



Jeremy Irving

Band Repair Technician

Shortly after graduating with a Bachelor's of Music Education from DePauw University, Jeremy realized teaching was not for him. He spent a couple of years as a restaurant manager, and during this time he found his passion and natural talent for customer service, but still longed to do something involved in music. After a bit of soul searching, he found instrument repair and enrolled at Badger State Repair in Elkhorn Wisconsin. After graduating in September of 2021, he decided to make a big move and take the job here at Music Depot. While he is still considered a beginner in the repair tech world, his attention to detail and uncompromising standards will have your instrument returned to you in perfect playing condition.


Alan Loma

Guitar Repair Technician

Making a name for yourself is no easy feat in the world of guitar repair, but Alan has definitely accomplished just that! After spending a short time training directly under the legendary Jess Redmon, Alan got a bit of a trial by fire when he had to completely take over the Music Depot guitar repair in Jess's absence. Even in his first year on the job, Alan has absorbed a vast knowledge of all things guitar repair, from setups, to fretwork, to even light woodwork, there's not much Alan can't fix! 

 "I play mainly guitar but writing and recording music for many different projects has made me branch into many different types of instruments"


Jess Redmon We lost Jess in 2022 - Although he is forever in our hearts, we know we have a Guardian Angel looking out for us now.

Check out his CD - Alpha Centauri for sale at: