• Blackstar 20W Digital Modeling Amp
    Blackstar 20W Digital Modeling Amp

    Free Architect software for deep editing & patch sharing online

    Incredible tones from pristine clean to high gain

    12 built in effects in immersive Super Wide Stereo Patented ISF control for unlimited tonal flexibility

    Inbuilt tuner

    Direct to phone audio for amazing sounding livestreaming or recording videos

    Store and recall your saved patches from the Architect software PB-1

    powerbank for up to 9hrs portable use

    Direct USB recording, makes your amp an interface

    Fully customisable

    ‘CabRig Lite’ advanced speaker simulator to fine tune recording sound

    Price: $209.99
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  • Blackstar 30W Stereo Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
    Blackstar 30W Stereo Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

    ACOUSTIC:CORE was designed to give singer/songwriters the ability to get a professional sound without any sound engineering expertise, then share it via live streaming or recording, or live performance. All in a compact, easily portable combo with the option of battery power.

    Designed by the same team that developed the award winning Sonnet acoustic amplifier series, ACOUSTIC:CORE delivers natural sounding acoustic tones with the power and flexibility of Blackstar’s world-beating CORE digital platform.

    Price: $199.99
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  • Blackstar amPlug2 FLY Headphone Guitar Amplifier
    Blackstar amPlug2 FLY Headphone Guitar Amplifier
    amPlug 2 FLY Guitar offers three uniquely customisable channels – Clean, Crunch and Lead channels for guitar. Classic, Modern and Overdrive channels. The crunch and lead channels of the amPlug 2 FLY Guitar has been meticulously designed to clean up with your instrument volume, just like a real amp would. This allows for endless tonal textures and an addictive playing experience. Up to 17 hours of continuous play time from two AAA batteries means you can play for longer on the FLY. 9 Built in Effects

    Price: $54.99
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  • Blackstar Mini Amp Bluetooth
    Blackstar Mini Amp Bluetooth

    The Blackstar FLY 3 Bluetooth Mini Amp is now available with Bluetooth connectivity for music playback. The FLY 3 Bluetooth mini amp retains all the great tone, flexibility of control and features of the original, but the addition of Bluetooth makes it the perfect take anywhere practice amp and MP3 speaker dock. The FLY 3 combines awesome tone, tape delay effect and ISF controls with a lightweight and compact 3 watt guitar amplifier to give you the perfect mini guitar amp that you can take anywhere. The FLY 3 is a compact mini amp with big functionality and output – the simple yet comprehensive control set allows you to change the sound of your amp with controls for Gain, Equalisation via the Blackstar patented ISF, Delay Time and Delay Level.

    Whether you’re looking for your first guitar amp or looking for a portable mini battery powered amp, the FLY 3 is an essential tool for any guitarist – get in touch with your local Blackstar dealer today and get The Sound In Your Head …ON THE FLY.

    Price: $109.99
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