Seymour Duncan Sentient 7 String Neck Humbucker Active Mount Soapbar, black

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SKU:  ^11102-97-A-SB-7STR
Manufacturer Part #:  11102-97-A-SB-7STR
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Built exclusively for 7 & 8 string players, the Sentient neck pickup is the perfect neck pickup for natural, complex warmth and tight articulation. With an alnico 5 magnet and medium strength coils, the blend of vintage PAF and modern tones sounds excellent in both clean and high gain settings. Use with any 7 or 8 string Seymour Duncan bridge pickup. Works great with the Nazgûl or Pegasus. Offered in 7 & 8 string passive mount with naked coils or black metal covers, or in Active 'Soapbar' Mount with exposed adjustable pole pieces. Best with bright to semi-warm woods (from Maple to Korina) with either Maple or Rosewood fingerboards.

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