Ravel: Miroirs For The Piano Piano

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This set of five pieces reflects an intensely personal, realistic and sensitive portrayal of animal life, the sea and pastoral landscapes. Powerfully poetic and vividly descriptive, the music exhibits Ravel's inventiveness and compositional precision. Each is improvisatory in character and free in structure, with unusual colors and sounds. This edition's informative introduction will assist pianists in making an accurate interpretation of the works

Table of Contents:
  • Alborada del GraciosoMaurice Ravel (composer)
  • NoctuellesMaurice Ravel (composer)
  • Oiseaux TristesMaurice Ravel (composer)
  • Une Barque Sur l'OcéanMaurice Ravel (composer)

Publisher: Alfred
Voicing: Piano
Level: Advanced
Pages: 71 Pages

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